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Jun Liu - Publications List

Rafferty, Joseph, Nugent, Christopher, Liu, Jun and Chen, Liming (2015) Automatic Metadata Generation Through Analysis of Narration Within Instructional Videos. Journal of Medical Systems, 39 (9). [Journal article]

Chen, Shuwei, Liu, Jun, Wang, Hui and Augusto, J.C. (2015) A group decision making model for partially ordered preference under uncertainty. Information Fusion, 25 . pp. 32-41. [Journal article]

Calzada, Alberto, Liu, Jun, Wang, Hui and Kashyap, Anil (2015) A new dynamic rule activation method for extended belief rule-based system. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 27 (4). pp. 880-894. [Journal article]

Rafferty, Joseph, Nugent, Chris, Liu, J. and Chen, Liming (2014) Automatic Summarization of Activities Depicted in Instructional Videos by Use of Speech Analysis. In: Ambient Assisted Living and Daily Activities. Springer, pp. 123-130. ISBN 978-3-319-13104-7 [Book section]

Liu, Jun, Li, W.J., Chen, S.W. and Xu, Y. (2014) An Axiomatizable Logical Foundation for Lattice-Ordered Qualitative Linguistic Approach for Reasoning with Words. Information Sciences, 263 . pp. 110-125. [Journal article]

Jing, Min, Wang, Hui, Clawson, Kathy, Coleman, SA, Chen, Shuwei, Liu, Jun and Scotney, Bryan (2014) Recognition by Enhanced Bag of Words Model via Topographic ICA. In: UCAmI 2014. Springer . 9 pp. [Conference contribution]

Chen, S.W., Liu, Jun, Wang, Hui, Xu, Y. and Augusto, Juan Carlos (2014) A linguistic multi-criteria decision making approach based on logical reasoning. Information Sciences, 258 . pp. 266-276. [Journal article]

Xu, Y., Liu, Jun, Zhong, X.M. and Chen, S.W. (2013) Multi-ary alpha-resolution principle for a lattice-valued logic. IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems, 21 (5). pp. 898-912. [Journal article]

Liu, Jun, Martinez, L., Calzada, A. and Wang, Hui (2013) A Novel Belief Rule Base Representation, Generation and Its Inference Methodology. Knowledge-Based Systems, 53 (Internet publication). pp. 129-141. [Journal article]

Liu, Jun, Chen, S.W., Martinez, L. and Wang, Hui (2013) A belief rule-based generic risk assessment framework. In: Decision Aid Models for Disaster Management and Emergencies. (Eds: Vitoriano, B., Montero, J. and Ruan, D.), Atlantis Press, pp. 145-169. ISBN 978-94-91216-73-2 [Book section]

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