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Belfast is accessible from anywhere in the world by flights. With 158 European and International destinations servicing both Belfast and Dublin and 33 direct UK Flights into Belfast, the city is easily accessible for International delegates.

With two airports, and Dublin Airport being less than 2 hours away with excellent rail and road access, and London a one hour connection, it is easier and more affordable to get here than you might think. In addition, airfares are comparable to equivalent UK and European rail travel.


Access to Belfast – National (via flight)


Airlines: British Airway, Aer Lingus, Flybe, Links-Air, City-Wing, Easy-Jet


Access to Belfast – International (via flights)


By Air

Belfast is served by two airports offering direct flights from a small number of North American cities and from a much larger number of European cities.

To avoid transit through London, travellers from North America could transit via New York Newark which has a daily flight (Continental CO94) to Belfast International.

Additionally, Belfast can be accessed from most major cities worldwide via a single connecting link from other United Kingdom Airports or from airports in the Republic of Ireland.

Please consult the links for up to date flight information:

Flights to and from Belfast International Airport: is 22 miles from the Ulster University Belfast campus (30 minutes drive via the M2 Motorway). Taxis (around £25) and coach transport (£7.5) is available from the airport.  The airport has daily flights to 13 UK destinations & 20 European/International. Please refer to the airport website for further information.

Flights to and from Belfast City (George Best) Airport: is 4 miles from the Ulster University Belfast campus. Taxis ($5-£10) and coach transport (£2.4) is available from the airport. Belfast City Airport has 350 weekly return flights, including 79 from London with British Airways and Aer Lingus, taking only an hour.  Please refer to the airport website for further information.

Flights to and from Dublin Airport: Dublin Airport is one of Europe’s busiest airports, with more than 55 airlines flying to over 117 destinations worldwide including two Middle Eastern and 11 North American routes. Dublin Airport Express Coach Service operates from Dublin Airport 24 hours a day (Web Fare from £8, Stand Station Fare £15, Sterling and Euro fares are offered on Ulsterbus Cross Border Services), with a journey time of less than 2 hours to Belfast City Centre. The Enterprise Rail service runs 8 times daily (5 times on Sundays) from Dublin City to Belfast City. The journey time is approximately 2 hours.

Flights to and from Shannon Airport


By Sea

As Belfast is a sea port both it and nearby Larne have traditional ferry and high speed boat services to Scotland and England.

From Cairnryan, Scotland and Liverpool, England to Belfast with Stena Line

From Cairnryan and Troon, Scotland to Larne with P&O Ferries


Local public transport travel information

Belfast is a compact and walkable city, with the majority of venues, hotels and attractions within a 5-10 minute walk of one another. Should additional transportation be required, there are a number of bus and train options, with taxis in the city being affordable.

Rail and Central Railway Station

Trains connect through the Central Railway Station. Services run south from Londonderry and Coleraine, south-west from Larne, west from Bangor and north from Dublin via Portadown. Rail timetables are available online or by calling 02890 66 66 30.


Bus services are operated by Translink Metro and Ulsterbus. Bus timetables are available online or by calling 02890 66 66 30.

We recommend that you always check timetables, fare and other travel information on-line ( nearer the event as timetables/routes can and do change.

The detailed information is given below:

Belfast – Dublin airport X1/X2 – journal planner including where to get on/off bus in Belfast
Belfast – Dublin airport X1/X2 – coach timetable and fare information
Belfast International airport 300 – bus timetable to/from Belfast
George Best City airport 600 –bus timetable to/from Belfast
Metro Belfast city centre map – where to get on and off buses in Belfast
Belfast Metro map of all routes – to visit other parts of Belfast
Metro route map for route 2 – information for buses to/from the Jordanstown campus
NI railways – Larne timetable – information to get to/from the Jordanstown campus by train
Belfast Visitors map – main map
Belfast Visitors map – locations directory
Belfast centre walking map – Walking map and rail stations


Entry Visa and Requirements

Delegates from outside of the European Union who may require visas for travel should note that they will require two visas, one for the United Kingdom and one for the Republic of Ireland, if they intend to visit the Republic of Ireland during their stay or to transit through the Republic of Ireland en route to Belfast. Citizens from Europe and most other western countries – visas not usually required.

Special Notes:

1) Chinese and Indian nationals can visit the UK and Ireland using a single visa when travelling on certain short stay and visitor visas.  Read more at:

2) For delegates who arrive in Dublin, as long as they hold a UK Standard Visitor Visa, they will be allowed to travel up to Belfast for the conference. Details can be found on the Irish Nationalisation and Immigration Service website.


Belfast International and Belfast City Airports are in the United Kingdom.

For definitive information on visa requirements for entry to the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, please refer to the web site of the UK Borders Agency:

UK Borders Agency

Dublin and Shannon Airports are situated in the Republic of Ireland.

For definitive information on visa requirements for entry to the Republic of Ireland, please refer to the web site of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service:

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service


Delegates should note that Northern Ireland, where the conference is located, is part of the United Kingdom and uses Sterling (UK pound) currency. The Republic of Ireland uses Euro currency.

Local Weather

The weather in Northern Ireland is traditionally changeable. The temperature usually stays above freezing, so there is seldom snow or ice, but at any time of year it is advisable to be prepared for rain. Summer months sometimes see prolonged periods of sunshine.

The average temperature in Belfast, Northern Ireland in August is mild at 14.5 °C. Afternoons can be somewhat warm with average high temperatures reaching 18 °C.  The weather in August is somewhat dry with rain periodically.

Read more:

Further Information

Travellers unfamiliar with the region may find the Common Questions section of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board web site a useful source of information on a wide range of topics:-

Northern Ireland – Common Questions