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Special Sessions

Researchers interested in organizing special sessions are kindly invited to submit formal proposals to FLINS 2018. Please contact Prof Juan Carlos Leyva Lopez ( or or Dr Shuwei Chen (, who are the Special Session Chairs.

A special session proposal should include:

  • Session title
  • Brief description of the scope and motivation
  • Names
  • Contact information
  • Brief biographical information of the organizers

The template for proposal submission is available here in DOC and PDF formats.

All papers accepted for Special Sessions will be included in the FLINS 2018 proceedings.

The authors are required to submit their papers to a Special Session following the steps below:

  • Submission by FLINS2018 EasyChair Account indicating the name or the number of the Special Session (in the title of your paper).
  • Inform the Special Session Chairs about your submission including the title of paper, author list and affiliation, and the corresponding author.

The session chairs are responsible for the review process of the papers submitted to their sessions via the Easychair. These papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. The accepted papers and Review reports must be submitted to the conference committee.


Special Session List (approved):


  1. Title: Special Session on Understandable and Interpretable Machine Learning

    Organised and Chaired by: Patrick Glauner (Luxembourg) and Radu State (Luxembourg)

  2. Title: Special Session on Computational Intelligence for Decision Making Under Uncertainty

    Organised and Chaired by: Ronei Marcos de Moraes (Brazil) and Liliane dos Santos Machado (Brazil)

  3. Title: Special Session on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision Making: Theory and Applications

    Organised and Chaired by: Cengiz Kahraman (Turkey), Basar Oztaysi (Turkey), and Sezi Cevik Onar (Turkey)

  4. Title: Special Session on Uncertainty in Non-Monotonic Reasoning and Logic Programming

    Organised and Chaired by: Kewen Wang (Australia) and Yisong Wang (China)

  5. Title: Special Session on Decision Analytics with Data-driven Modelling and Evidential Reasoning

    Organised and Chaired by: Yu-Wang Chen (UK), Ying Wang (China), and Jian-Bo Yang (UK)

  6. Title: Special Session on Logic based Automated Reasoning with Applications

    Organised and Chaired by: Shuwei Chen (China) and Xingxing He (China)

  7. Title: Special Session on Data-Driven Decision Making with Uncertainty

    Organised and Chaired by: Guanquan Zhang, Jie Lu, Dianshuang Wu, and Zheng Yan (Australia)

  8. Title: Special Session on Fuzzy Extensions and Its Application on Decision Making

    Organised and Chaired by: Rosa Rodriguez (Spain), José Carlos R. Alcantud (Spain), and Luis Martinez (Spain)

  9. Title: Special Session on Applied Computational Intelligence

    Organised and Chaired by: Ningning Zhou (China)

  10. Title: Special Session on Soft Computing Approaches in Data Mining and Text Retrieval: Theories and Applications

    Organised and Chaired by: Mourad Oussalah (Finland)

  11. Title: Special Session on Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security and Industrial Systems Protection

    Organised and Chaired by: Marcin Jaroszewski (Poland) and Grzegorz Kołaczek (Poland)

  12. Title: Special Session on Data Science on Health and Social Sciences

    Organised and Chaired by: Victoria López, Guadalupe Miñana, Yolanda García, and Milena Cukic (Spain)

  13. Title: Special Session on Intelligent Systems for Risk Analysis under Uncertainties

    Organised and Chaired by: Kai Meng Tay (Malaysia), Li Zhang (UK), Lie Meng Pang (Malaysia), Chee Peng Lim (Australia)

  14. Title: Special Session on Qualitative and Quantitative Decision Making in Management and Social Science

    Organised and Chaired by: Xiaohong Liu (China) and Liangjie Zhao (China)

  15. Title: Special Session on Uncertainty Analysis and Processing in Infrastructure Services

    Organised and Chaired by: Jun Ma (Australia) and Pascal Perez (Australia)

  16. Title: Special Session on Soft Computing Methods in Image and Dynamic Data Processing

    Organised and Chaired by: Irina Perfilieva (Czech Republic), Javier Montero (Spain), and Humberto Bustince (Spain)

  17. Title: Special Session on Intelligent Support Systems for Marketing Decisions

    Organised and Chaired by: Juan Carlos Leyva Lopez (Mexico) and Jesus Jaime Solano Noriega (Mexico)

  18. Title: Special Session on Computational Intelligence in Fashion Big Data Environment

    Organised and Chaired by: Xianyi Zeng (France) and Ulf Johansson (Sweden)

  19. Title: Special Session on Advanced Intelligent Control and Automation: Theories and Applications

    Organised and Chaired by: Matilde Santos (Spain), Antonio Javier Barragán Piña (Spain), and Eloy Irigogyen Gordo (Spain)

  20. Title: Special Session on Modelling Information Aggregation Tools from Practice

    Organised and Chaired by: Javier Montero (Spain), Humberto Bustince (Spain), Jozo Dujmovic (USA), and Javier Fernández (Spain)